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Senior trilingual translator-interpreter with a verifiable track record of achievement within NGBS, Nfinity8 and WMCC. Determined, creative, detail-oriented, result-driven, easy-going and ambitious trilingual linguist whose linguistic skills are excellent in Arabic, English and French in terms of listening, speaking and writing with a vast and solid background in language services ranging from translation, proofreading to editing and copywriting in several areas; legal, technical, medical, financial, commercial, journalistic, real estate. I exert myself to utilize my skills, experience and passion for the growth and development of the corporate.













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Personal interpreter-translator Arabic-English-French

  •  Yemen Southern Transitional Council, Abu Dhabi, UAE

 Act as an interpreter between the STC Leader and UN officials, stakeholders and press from and into
 Conduct an EN<>Arabic simultaneous interpreting for live press conferences, briefings and official meetings
and assure a proper flow of communication between the speaker and target audience.
 Prepare paperwork and review agendas before meetings and speeches when received in advance.
 Conduct thorough research to be familiarized with topics before assignments.
 Use microphones and headsets and double-check media equipment.
 Work to a professional code of ethics covering confidentiality and impartiality.

Sworn Legal Translator-Interpreter, Chief Linguist Arabic, English and French

  •  New Generation for Businessmen Services

 Translate, edit, revise and proofread material written in Arabic, English and French that is passed by the senior
management for both internal and media use.
 Conduct the research needed to produce waterproof material coordinating with other departments to fulfill the
tasks in a timely manner.
 Help oversee effective coordination and management of delivery by agencies and other teams.
 Assist all company colleagues with any translation/interpretation tasks as and when required.
 Conduct live interpretation during meetings, conferences and seminars including jargons and acronyms in
Arabic, English and French.
 Responsible for the company international relations and foreign workflow.
 Do simultaneous translation of business negotiations and external liaison for relevant departments.
 Hold business meetings with clients regarding any prospective projects.
 Maintain confidentiality in all matters related to clients’ documents.

Online Translator-Proofreader

  •  Nfinity8, Dubai, UAE

 Translate websites, company profiles, brochures, social media posts in Arabic<>English, French<>Arabic
and English<>French.
 Act as a liaison with clients from set-up to completion and check with them regularly via phone or email.
 Carry out projects scoping and create a clear brief, in order to understand what clients wants.
 Edit, revise and review the written documents written in Arabic, English or French translated by other
translators and get them proofread.

Verbal translator & Trainer Arabic-English-French

  •  ActionCare Company, Dubai, UAE

 Act as an interpreter between the trainer and recipients in both Arabic and English.
 Prepare students for the seasonal competition across the UAE.
 Facilitate and assure a proper flow of communication between the speaker and students.
 Empower the recipients to gain proficiency and realize their full potential.
 Translate, edit, revise and proofread documents written in Arabic, English & French.

Online Translator, Editor and Proofreader

  •  World Muslim Communities Council, Abu Dhabi, UAE

 Translate, proofread, revise and edit journalistic documents written in Arabic, English or French (press
releases, breaking news, articles, reports and center’s media data) involving several fields such as:
journalism, sports, politics, art, technology, social media posts, literature, tourism and hospitality, religion.

Translator-interpreter Arabic-English-French

  •  Legal Translation Company, Algeria

 Convert written documents and materials in the following language pairs: English<>Arabic, French<>Arabic
and French<>English including not limited to: contracts, agreements, MOA, MOU and POA.
 Revise, proofread and edit written texts in Arabic, English and French.

Teacher of French Language

  •  Ministry of National Education, Algeria

 Undertake the responsibility of providing appropriate instructions to the students that will help them attain
competency in French as per the grade level.
 Organize teaching sessions in French so that the students become well-acquainted with the French
Language and make sure that the students complete their assignments and projects within the time frame


Bachelor’s degree in Translation and interpreting

  •  Mentouri University, Constantine, Algeria