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Having two Bachelor degrees, in English Literature and Business Administration and many certificates including Translation and ICDL, as well as working as an English<>Arabic Translator and Secretary in an Embassy, and English Instructor in academic institutions, I am now searching for an opportunity to work in an organization with a wide range of projects, a learning environment and a positive
I am a very dynamic, enthusiastic and motivated person, who possesses high ethical and moral values, strong commitment and dedication while enjoying the day-to-day experience of the professional world.













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Executive Secretary and Translator

  •  Art and Science International Academy

- Translating all kinds of documents between English and Arabic.
- Liaising with international institutions for providing accreditations of certifications and courses to be
conducted in the Academy.
- Manage projects with client relationships, working to carry out client goals while meeting company
- Identify and develop opportunities to grow business by working closely with channel partners and
existing clients.
- Doing researches and studies from various sources to provide a well organized material for new
- Other duties as requested.

Receptionist and English<>Arabic Translator

  •  The Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda- Abu Dhabi

My Duty included but not limited to:
- Translating incoming and outgoing written correspondence between English and Arabic
including note verbales, letters, invitations, contracts, agreements, minutes of meeting, reports,
business letters, legal and governmental documents,…etc.
- Writing، editing, and proofreading all kinds of letters to different governmental and nongovernmental entities in the UAE.
- Wiring and copy-editing presentations, press release, speeches and a wide range of official
documents to be presented during a wide range of events and ceremonies.
- Conducting interpretation services from English into Arabic and vice versa during both internal and
external meetings with the UAE senior officials.
- Liaising regularly with government ministries and local authorities on protocol and other
matters to coordinate high-profile meetings and appointments.
- Screen all telephone calls, visitors, schedule meetings, and giving appointments for the Head of the
- Preparing forms and communicating with Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) for arranging
meetings and visits between Ambassador and other departments in the ministry, as well as other
entities in the UAE.
- Assisting people in applying for visas to Rwanda, and ensuring that all relevant documents are
provided as well as tracking their requests whenever needed.
- Taking minutes of meeting, arrange travel bookings, and attend meetings to act as an interpreter.
- Maintaining proper storage of files (e.g. documents and confidential information) according to
certain categories and criteria.
- Checking the Embassy mail and distributing emails to whom it may concern, like invitations, letters,
forms, and Note verbales from other Ministries and Embassies.

Freelance Translator


a website concerned with Arabic stories for kids for the purpose of developing
their skills and abilities and expanding their imagination. They also have an application for schools to
encourage students to enhance their reading abilities.
During my job with this company, I have translated audio books like “Great Scientists and their
Discoveries”, “ Sapiens”, “ The Metamorphosis”, stories, worksheets, and many more. In addition to
translation, I have done some transcription work for short stories.

Freelance Translator


a website which serves as a comprehensive platform for Arabic audiobooks and
short titles. I am in-charge of producing solid and impeccable Arabic summaries for the bestselling
books worldwide in different array of knowledge domains.

English language Instructor a

  •  OSTD (orient star for training and development)

In my position as an English Teacher, I used to give English courses for those who seek the
improvement of their English language in all its aspects whether written or verbal.

English Teacher

  •   ABC Private School

Through this position, I was a class teacher for grade 3 elementary students. Throughout this
academic year, I used to deliver the message of understanding new things and concepts in a
smooth way in order to break the fear of the students from a new language and build a bridge
between me and them. My duties also include:
- Conducting lessons using different teaching techniques and strategies.
- Making sources, Vocabulary, Procedure, and Classwork or Homework Assignments.
- Holding Parents/Teacher Meetings ev4ery term of the school year to discuss students’
educational progress and affairs.
- Preparing weekly Quizzes, Monthly Tests, Revision Worksheets and Term Exams with
Answer Keys.

Translator and Secretary

  •  Hiram institution-Lebanon

- Translating all incoming and outgoing emails and documents from Arabic to English and vice
- Preparing daily reports for the management.
- Answering enquiries sent via email from clients.
- Receiving all the daily transactions from the administration office.
- Receiving and solving maintenance complains for different dept.
- Sending Faxes, scanning, printing, and copying.
- Managing the meeting rooms booking.
- Other tasks as required.


Bachelor degree in English Literature

  •  Lebanese University

Bachelor Degree in Business Administration

  •  Arts, Sciences, and Technology University

Diploma in Computer Science

  •  Siblin Training Center